Opinion: Opinion: Thanks to God, Taj Mahal Bacher

Opinion: Opinion: Thanks to God, Taj Mahal Bacher

The coronavirus hardly subsided in our country when it was hit by another deadly virus, the co-virus. The coronavirus affected the human body. The joint virus affected the politics of the body. While society as a whole, including the centers and various governments of the state, fought decisively against the coronavirus, the cohort was actually promoted and spread by the BJP, its cohort, and the governments run by the BJP at the center and various locations. I am. situation.

The Prime Minister, who speaks very loudly on all issues, likes to share his “Mann Ki Baat” with people on a regular basis and address the country at 8 pm, completely on this issue. I’m silent. What else can explain the fact that he does not blame violence or appeal to people to maintain peace? Obviously, the Prime Minister and his party are colluding and are the active proponents of the mayhem we are witnessing today.

The targets of this new hateful atmosphere are the Islamic community, the history of Islamic rulers, towns, villages, roads, Islamic names in Mohara, Islamic monuments, especially places of worship of them. Many of them relate to an important part of our history. Their request is that these names need to be changed (and changed as much as possible). All their places of worship, built after the destruction of the Hindu temple, should be replaced by temples like Ayodhya. Other monuments with traces of real or fictitious Hindu connections need to be converted to Hindu monuments (Taj Mahal was declared a Hindu building and became a fictional Hindu queen or god. It is named after Taj Mahal). And in fact, all traces of Indian Islamic rule must be erased and disappear from our history books.

In this regard, a plea was filed in a public interest proceeding seeking to open a closed room in the Taj Mahal. This was done by UP’s enterprising BJP officials at the Allahabad High Court (mercifully not yet called the Playagraj High Court), allowing these locked rooms to be used for research purposes. rice field. According to an Indian archaeological survey, the room is locked by them, and it is repeatedly said that there are no statues of Hindu gods or goddesses in it, but he said that the locked room is the Hindu of this monument. I thought it would reveal the connection. Therefore, the petitioner’s intention was far from honest. The court saw it and dismissed his petition with a ringing rebuke.

We thank the court for this order and hopefully it will have a debilitating effect on other such adventurers. However, not all courts in the country are so bold and fair. Let’s see what’s happening in Varanasi at Gambapi Mosque. There is no doubt that this mosque was built after the destruction of a Hindu temple. The destruction is not complete and parts of the temple are still visible inside and outside the mosque.