Opinion: 3 Reasons Why Opposition Isn't Fighting Modi

Droupadi Murmu won 64% of the votes. Many would argue that she received fewer votes than her predecessors despite the support of Prime Minister NarendraModi, an all-powerful leader. Ram Nath Kovind was elected President and won more votes. The opposition can rejoice in this, despite being engulfed by its illusions. The hard truth is, Indian democracy has never seen an opposition so fractured and listless. The opposition appears fractured, unfocused, visionless, and leaderless. Even after decades of overwhelming Congress presence, opposition numbers were low but they never proved ineffective.

Mamata Banerjee who suggested Yashwant Sinha’s name said that if Droupadi Mudu was the government candidate, she wouldn’t have supported Sinha. Sinha served as senior Vice President for Mamata Banerjee’s Party. He was practically abandoned by Mamata Banerjee during the campaign. Mamata Banerjee didn’t allow Sinha to travel to Bengal to vote. Mamata banerjee said she wouldn’t support Margaret Alva (Congress leader) when she was elected vice-presidential nominee.

In the past, two consecutive parliamentary elections have seen defeat for the opposition. Although the third election is still less than two years away, there are already rumours that it will not be a difficult one for the BJP.

Many are unsure if the BJP will win any more seats in 2019 than they did in 2019.

As the Opposition’s leaders confront central agencies such as Enforcement Directorate on a daily base, their deep sleep is puzzling.