"Selfish nature": Assam Congress accuses top leaders of Trinamool

Open to a local alliance with political parties actively fighting the BJP: Assam Trinamool Chief

The Trinamool Congress is open to regional alliances with political parties that are actively fighting the BJP in Assam but “under any circumstances” led by Badrdin Azimal, the BJP’s “B Team”. He said on Saturday that he would form an alliance with the AIUDF.

However, observing the TMC’s support for opposition co-candidates in the upcoming president-elect election, Mr. Bora will deepen his understanding as the party led by Mamata Banerjee “is not fighting the BJP” in Assam’s parliament. remained uncommitted. In the way it should be. ”

“TMC will clearly support opposition candidates in the presidential election.” Our central leadership has approved that our state forces form an alliance at the local level.

“But there is no alliance with AIUDF under any circumstances because it is no longer an opposition, but BJP’s B team,” Bora told PTI as a bystander at the party’s first state executive meeting here.

Regarding the possibility of an alliance with Congress, Mr. Bora said the state’s largest opposition was not fighting the BJP in the way it should be.

“TMC wants to partner with a party that is actively fighting the BJP,” he said, without identifying potential allies in the state.