On Second Anniversary, Freida Pinto Shares Throwback Pics From California Wedding

Freida pinto celebrates second anniversary by sharing throwbacks from wedding

Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire) shared some throwback photos from her secret marriage to Cory Tran at the Honda Centre, California. Cory Tran, the actress, was married during the lockdown that took place in California in 2020. Cory Tran shared her photos on Instagram. She reposted his pictures. One caption read: “Deep Covid Days at the Honda Centre Box Office,” One caption read, “Friends and Family on Zoom.” Another picture was taken with a friend who provided lunch and snacks to the wedding. You can see the caption that it said, “Try beating that wedding budget, y’all”. Let’s talk about your major goals for weddings.

View Freida Pinto’s photos here