On Camera, Hyderabad Teen Flung Into Air After Being Hit By Car

Hyderabad Teen Jumps into the Air Following Being Hit by Car

After being hit by a vehicle, a teenager from Hyderabad sustained injuries. Yesterday’s incident took place in Hyderabad’s Rajendranagar neighborhood. CCTV footage captured the incident and shows the young girl standing on the curb. The car from Santro suddenly turns in her direction and hits her. The car hits her and she throws her into the air.

16-year-old girl is in stable condition and receiving treatment at hospital.

According to police, the 19-year old suspect was also living in the area and learning how to drive.

The accused was from the same colony and while learning to drive, he lost control of the vehicle and ran into the girl. “The vehicle was a Santro,” Rajendranagar Police Station inspector Nagendra Babu informed Bibarud.