Old Video Of Rishi Sunak Viral:

Old Video Of Rishi Sunak Viral: "Don't Have Working Class Friends"

Rishi Sunak (a British Indian citizen who declared his candidacy for the Conservative leader and nation’s next Prime Minister) was afflicted by a clip that he seems to have said he didn’t have friends from the working class. The clip is over two decades old. It is currently in large circulation.

Sunak (21 years) said, “I have friends that are aristocrats. I also have upper-class friends. I also have friends, who are working-class.” This was in 2001, when Sunak spoke to BBC. He immediately corrects himself by saying, “Well… not working-class.”

Kathryn Franklin (Huddersfield) shared the video. The video has been seen three million times.

Sunak, a Southampton-born politician for Richmond is married to Akshata, the daughter NR Narayana Murthy, founder of Infosys.

Ladbrokes sees Mr Sunak as a favorite with Penny Mordaunt, the former Defence Secretary and Finance Minister of the Boris Johnson government. His massive package of help for workers and business owners, worth many tens billions of pounds, made him a popular figure during the pandemic.