Oil theft racket destroyed and four people arrested by Tinsukia police

Oil theft racket destroyed and four people arrested by Tinsukia police

DIBRUGARH: In a massive crackdown on oil theft, Tinsukia police arrested four people on Saturday and seized 14,000 liters of condensate stolen from the Dibrugarh district. According to sources, the Tinsukia and Dibrugarh districts are systematically stealing and stealing oil by cutting oil pipelines.

Tinsukia DSP Hirania Kumarbora, who led the operation, was attacked in the town of Tinsukia based on information from the security team of Oil India Limited (OIL), and 6,000 liters of condensed oil stolen from two vehicles. Said it was recovered. Dump trucks and winger passenger cars.

Oil stolen from the OIL pipeline was stored in 200 liter containers each. “We arrested the drivers of two cars who told us that the stolen oil was to be taken to Daba near NH-37 in the Chabua district of Dibrugarh,” he said.

“We also found that oil was being counterfeited from the downhill barricade behind Daba. The attentive gangsters of the tanker drivers said a certain amount of oil (diesel or petrol) from the tanker. ) Was taken out. Replace it with cheaper condensate. Tankers transport oil from Digboi’s Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) plant to various locations northeast, “said DSP.

“We attacked Daba and Godown and seized 8,000 liters of oil stolen from an oil tanker. The owner of Daba, the kingpin of the racket, is absent. But two gang members were arrested. “.” DSP said.

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