Officials visit the landslide-affected part of the Haflong-Silchar road

Officials visit the landslide-affected part of the Haflong-Silchar road

HAFLONG: I visited all the damaged places on Saturday between Haflong and Silchar roads to understand the damage caused by constant rain and landslides on Haflong-Silchar roads. ..

The commissioner was accompanied by NHAI Regional Officer Nazreen Ahmed Deputy Commissioner, Alok Kumar, Ibon Teron’s Assistant Commissioner, and NHAI and NHIDCL officials. Commissioner Chakraborti has informed that the Assam State Government is concerned about the situation in Dimahasao regarding road communications, and to investigate and study the causes and solutions of the situation caused by the massive landslides caused by constant rain. We have organized six groups of full-time officers. He also said that for both immediate and permanent solutions from Arunachal, both professionals and experienced officials, Sikkim would be hired to study the entire region for road construction. Since the part from Nriambunglo to Harangajao has been awarded to the construction company, the construction work is scheduled to start in October, and due to this stop gap, communication will be taken with a temporary but permanent solution. Need to be recovered. He ensured that NHAI is supported by all agencies for a permanent solution.

RO Kumar said he was making every effort to restore road communications, but rain hindered his work. If the rain stops for a few days, heavy equipment can be pushed in and work done, so the road can be driven by car.

Vice-Chairman Dima Hasao, who frequently visits the affected areas and closely monitors restoration work, said the district has worked with the district administration, the NC Hills Autonomous Council, and others to make the disaster a disaster. Immediately after saying that he is working to get over it.

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