"Obviously not true": KCR's son PM office "Away" Claim

"Obviously not true": KCR’s son PM office "Away" Claim

The Prime Minister’s Office today dismissed allegations that Telangana’s Prime Minister K Chandrashekarlao was instructed to leave the Prime Minister’s program when he visited the state in November and February last year.

Dr. Zitendra Singh of the Prime Minister’s Office tweeted, “According to some media reports, the PMO sent a message that the son of Telangana CM should not include Shri KCR in the Prime Minister’s program when he visited Hyderabad. Claimed. Obviously not true. No such message was sent by the PMO. “

“In fact, Telangana’s commercial was expected at the February 5th event when PM visited Hyderabad. It was the CM’s office that notified the PMO that the commercial was sick and therefore would not attend.” I read his second tweet.

In an interview with Bibarud yesterday, Mr. Lao’s son and Minister of State KT Ramalao said in both cases the Prime Minister’s Office sent a clear message that the Prime Minister “should not come.”

Prime Minister Modi came to Telangana in February to launch a statue of equality in St. Ramanujacharya. The Prime Minister’s absence to meet him at the airport, and later the Prime Minister’s absence at the event, was a violation of the Protocol, which unleashed a storm of criticism.