Nupur Sharma Case: Supreme Court Questions TV Debate Agenda, Delhi Police

Nupur Sharma Case: Supreme Court Asks Delhi Police on TV Debate Agenda

The Supreme Court today severely criticized the perceived omissions of those involved in the major controversy over comments on the BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s prophet Muhammad. The court also questioned the handling of the Delhi police case.

“… If you submit a FIR (First Information Report) to another person, they will be arrested immediately, but when you are against you, no one will try to touch you. It was, “Judge Slya Kant said. The Mumbai police team, who came to Delhi to ask Sharma on June 17, could not find her and she became untraceable.

Sharma’s lawyer, Maninder Singh, said the FIR against Sharma was first submitted by the Delhi police after she commented on the news channel.

“What did the Delhi police do? Don’t let us open. What was the television debate? Just to instigate the agenda? Why did they choose the topic of vice-trial? What if she is a party spokesperson? Do you think she has a back-up of power and can make any statement regardless of the laws of the land? “The Supreme Court asked.

Her lawyer replied, “There was a question from the anchor she answered.”