Now Assam gets a cow ambulance service

Now Assam gets a cow ambulance service

An ambulance service for sick and injured cattle has been launched in the Dibrugarh district of Assam.

Operated by Gopal Gaushala, the service was launched on Friday by Vice Chairman Dibrugarh Biswajit Pegu. “Gaushala” or Chaushelter also established a hospital for cattle here in 2020.

“Ambulance services will pave the way for rapid treatment of seriously ill and injured cattle. We are pleased that’Gaushala’is improving the level of treatment for injured and sick cattle,” Peg said. Said.

Gopal Gaushala’s president, Nirmal Beria, claimed to be the first cattle ambulance service throughout the northeast.

“We faced many problems in taking sick cows to shelters, so this ambulance service was launched,” he said.

“I couldn’t save the sick cow several times, but now I hope the ambulance service will help,” he added.