"Non-Locals" Allowed To Vote In Jammu and Kashmir, Parties Protest

"Non-Locals" Allowed To Vote In Jammu and Kashmir, Parties Protest

Jammu & Kashmir could have 25 lakh more voters for next year’s election. Non-locals will be registering to vote their first time. Omar Abdullah, the former chief minister of Mehbooba Mufti has criticized the decision and called it “a dangerous attempt” to affect elections.

Jammu and Kashmir have been living without an elected government since more than four decades. Next year is expected to see elections.

The Centre will make it possible for non-locals in Jammu to register to vote. This special revision is in response to Article 370, which was repealed in 2019 by the Centre. It also changed the Constitution to permit non-Kashmiris to own and vote there.

Hirdesh K., Jammu and Kashmir Chief Election Officer told journalists that 20 lakh more voters will be registered in Jammu and Kashmir ahead of the polls. These could add to the already existing 76 million voters.

“After the abrogation 370, voters who could not vote before now can register to vote. “We expect an additional (20-25 lakhs) voters on the final list,” said Mr Kumar, which also included non-Kashmiris.