No sanctions against dollar airport: TMC MP Sushmita Dev

No sanctions against dollar airport: TMC MP Sushmita Dev

Silchar: Tuesday’s TMC MP Sushmita Dev said the entire process of land acquisition at DoluTE for the installation of the airport was quiet. Dev, who previously represented Silchar at Lok Sabha and Assembly, visited Dolu, where local MP Dr. Rajdeep Roy has about 2,000 workers protesting the project, and he also represented the patient. He said he should listen.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Sushmita Dev asked, “In the case of land acquisition, the law was clearly violated by the administration. Why did the district administration not give notice prior to land acquisition?” She further stated that there was no announcement from the federal government regarding the establishment of Greenfield Airport in Cachar.

She requested Dr. Rajdeep Roy to prepare a document authorizing the Greenfield Airport project. “From the beginning, the whole episode is done in a mysterious way,” she said. Memorandums signed by various stakeholders did not specify a compensation clause. In addition, she said there was a pending lawsuit between the current and former tea plantation owners. “In that case, the workers will never be compensated for the proceedings,” she added.

Calling the memorandum unfounded, Sushmita said there was no mention of how many workers would be compensated and how many would be offered employment. Sushmita Dev urged the Deputy Secretary to maintain transparency. “We weren’t allowed to go to the dollar, the district administration prevented us. At least MP Roy should be allowed to visit there. Workers in DC they chose to them. Have them arrange a meeting to directly explain their anxieties, to represent them in Congress, “she added. “Parliament should indicate the cause of former state minister Ajit Singh, who signed the MoU on behalf of the INTUC,” Sushmita said.

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