Nitish Kumar's absence at the Delhi tournament fuels tensions with his ally BJP

Nitish Kumar’s "Lack of trust" May affect Large Yasaba Pick with ally BJP

Bihar’s Prime Minister Nitish Kumar is likely to deny another Rajendra Saba’s term to Federal Chancellor Ramchandra Prasad Singh, who was once second at Janata Dal United (JDU). Nitish Kumar’s messenger of the BJP, BJP’s messenger, may have paid the price of closeness to the BJP leader, who was once considered his strength. The BJP’s top leader has virtually admitted that Mr. Singh’s refusal to ticket Raj Yasaba will sooner or later have to resign if the minister is not a member.

Nitish Kumar was a very unusual move, armed with a resolution of JDU lawmakers to select the party’s candidate Raja Saba before making a formal announcement. This is unprecedented within the party, as he did not rely on such consultations, even if he had sent four candidates to the House of Councilors in the past.

The relationship between the Nitish Kumar and the BJP has been broken in the last few months. With the latest signs of a rift, Nitish Kumar hinted that he wasn’t on the same page as the BJP in a CBI attack on rival-turned rival Larou Yadaf and his family. The BJP argued that the new corruption case against Larou Yadaf was due to the efforts of the Nitish Kumar Party, but the Prime Minister was unaware of the attack and said that “only they (CBI) can explain it.”

Mr Kumar may not be credited with the attack, but the BJP is crossing it anyway.

Seemingly an attempt to embarrass Mr. Kumar, his former deputy leader and senior BJP leader, Susir Modi, emphasized allegations of fraud by JDU leaders such as Laran Singh and Sivanand Tiwali almost every day. He admits that he has done so and speaks.