NH-15 has been closed for 7 consecutive days and flood conditions in Mangaldai are severe

NH-15 has been closed for 7 consecutive days and flood conditions in Mangaldai are severe

Mangadai: NH 15 from Pipiradokan to Saktra Bridge has been flooded for seven consecutive days since June 17th. Meanwhile, around 3 am on Friday, village guards said defense mechanisms and some of the inmates in the flood relief camp were antisocial, blocking the eastern embankment of the Saktra River in Dunkunda village under the Mangardai police station. Blocked attempts by groups of elements.

The overall catastrophic flood situation in the Darang district was marked with a slight improvement on Friday, but the villages of Voltekera Bali, Soltekera Bali, Bornagaon, Chotonagaon, Langamati and Bulkkowapara under the Mangardai Revenue Circle are still deeply flooded. It has been sinking for 6 days. Consecutive days from June 19th.

All villagers in these villages have been evacuated to the Saktra River and other highland embankments. Former lawmaker Guru Jyoti Das, district administration officials, and members of the voluntary organization have continued their relief and relief efforts by reaching out to SDRF and NDRF officials. Following a change in the original course through the torn part of the embankment, the Saktra River took a new course across NH15 across these villages. However, the locks in the village of Kataguri on the Langamati Kurwa embankment could not carry a large amount of floods, which turned the entire region into a vast sea and could not find a way to the Brahmaputra River.

To date, the flood-affected villages in the Dalan area have 323 villages with a total population of 3,13,504, affecting 9248.50 hectares of farmland and 2,77,748 livestock. To date, the district administration has been at six relief camps and 53 relief distribution centers in the district, with sanitary napkins, baby food, candles and tarpaulins, as well as 932 kintal rice, 193.60 kintal dal and 6824 liters of mustard oil. Has been provided.

Meanwhile, the Department of Water Resources is working on a foothold for the war to repair the torn part of the embankment and open up the original stream that was blocked by silt.

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