NFITU claims to distribute "poor quality" to Dibrugarh tea workers

NFITU claims to distribute “poor quality” to Dibrugarh tea workers

DIBRUGARH: Friday’s National Front of the Indian Trade Union (NFITU) insisted on ABC Tea Worker Welfare Services to distribute poor and poor quality tea plantation workers.

To the media at the Greater Dibrugarh Press Club on Friday, Israil Nanda, NFITU’s central vice president, said ABC Tea Workers’Welfare Service was inferior to tea plantation workers in inferior, inconsumable, stinking and inedible rice. He claimed to have been feeding the flour together for years.

“On Friday, June 24, we submitted a memorandum of understanding to Deputy Secretary of State Dibrugarh, demanding strict measures against ABC Tea Workers Welfare Services. ABC runs a committee and they do not bid. Was given a distribution to the handler. The government should immediately ban this supplier. They have a business of 100 chlores, but they have a poor distribution. ”

He added, “The irresponsible attitude of ABC Tea Workers Welfare Services is not new and is not limited to one place. Some tea gardens have complained in this regard, for example, Car of Dibulgal. Poor distribution was also provided to the Jean Tea Garden. On June 13th and 14th, ABC Tea Workers’ Welfare Services provided poor and inedible food to the Daisajan Tea Garden in Dibulgar. A fierce protest. Later, by workers, the manager emptied the contents into the holes dug for this purpose and destroyed the contents. ”

In a memorandum of understanding to Vice-Chairman Dibrugarh Biswajit Pegu on Friday, the Indian Trade Union National Front ordered an appropriate investigation into the matter and urged him to blacklist the supplier, ABC Tea Workers’ Welfare Services. “If demand isn’t met within the stipulated time, we’ll step up protests at the tea plantations,” Nanda said.

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