Newborn dies due to alleged doctor's negligence at FAAMCH, Barpeta

Newborn died due to an alleged negligence by a doctor at FAAMCH (Barpeta).

BARPETA: The Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Medical College and Hospital (FAAMCH), Barpeta, allegedly negligently administered medical care to a newborn child led to the death of that baby.

Dharitri Nath (22) was a pregnant woman from Soruharid, under Sarbhog, in Barpeta. She was admitted to FAAMCH July 6. Her husband claims that the doctor delayed her normal delivery because she was in severe pain. The family repeatedly requested caeserrian surgery from the doctor, and was persistently denied by the nurse.

Next day the doctor said they would perform a caesarean operation. Operation was carried out and on July 7, the girl gave birth at 11:11 am. The doctor later stated that the condition of the baby wasn’t good and the child was transferred to ICU. On July 11, the hospital declared that the baby had died in ICU. The Principal of FAAMCH did not reply to family’s complaint about the negligent treatment of doctors. Instead, the hospital authorities told the family to be discharged from the hospital.

Mantu Nath, who was helpless, approached Barpeta Press Club Monday to get help. Dharitri Nath was released from hospital on Tuesday. The hospital refused to reveal the identity of the surgeon who performed the operation, they claimed. FAAMCH staff was also accused of being very rude. According to reports, the hospital charged Rs 1600 for this operation.

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