Nupur Sharma Case: Supreme Court Questions TV Debate Agenda, Delhi Police

"Need To Protect Her Life, Liberty": Supreme Court Relief For Nupur Sharma

Today, Nupur Sharma (suspended BJP spokesperson) was not allowed to be held in nine criminal cases against her. These were related to her comments about Prophet Muhammad. The court requested that different states respond to her request for a fusion of multiple FIRs against Nupur Sharma into one.

On August 10, Nupur Sharma will make a request to the Supreme Court. Until then, there can be no further cases.

Maharashtra and Telengana are among the countries that were asked to reply to her case.

The Supreme Court heard from Nupur Sharma’s lawyer that her life was in constant danger since July 1’s harsh order.

Her safety is under constant threat. Her safety is at risk. Whatever occurred in Supreme Court may still have taken place. However, there’s a serious and real threat to her safety now. Maninder Singh (Nupur Sharma’s lawyer) said there were FIRs against her in Bengal.