NC Hills Autonomous Council to verify the PRC of all citizens of Dima Hasao

NC Hills Autonomous Council to verify the PRC of all citizens of Dima Hasao

Haflong: NC Hills Autonomous Council authorities have decided to verify the PRCs of all citizens of Dima Hasao and have required everyone to submit the PRCs to relevant departments for verification within a month. .. It was held at his office on Tuesday.

Explaining the need for PRC verification issued by the Revenue Department, Daolagup said that when he applied to the Revenue Department for verification of a PRC that was found to be counterfeit, a case of counterfeiting the PRC by a malicious person surfaced.

Meanwhile, the person whose PRC was forged submitted an FIR to the Haflong police station on Tuesday, and the case was also registered with Haflong PS case number 52/22 u / s 420 / 4680f IPC.

Lalnunpui Parate said at the FIR that he had requested Albert Lalnaisang Selate to apply for a PRC (Permanent Residential Certificate) for him and his brother, Lalrambuotsai Parate. Because he can’t go to the council like he does. He engages in emergency missions. And a few days later, he gave him China, which looks like a fake. So he approached the council authorities for China’s verification, where he was told by the Revenue Department, NC Hills Autonomous Council officials that China was certainly a fake.

Given the seriousness of the situation, NCHAC officials have decided to verify all PRCs of Dimahasao citizens so that they are not fooled by fake PRC rackets.

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