National Technique Day Observed in Tezpur

National Technique Day Observed in Tezpur

Tezpur: In commemoration of the 1998 Pokhran Nuclear Test (Operation Shakti), National Technology Day (NTD) is held throughout India on May 11th every year. The Tezpur National Institute for Defense Studies also enthusiastically celebrated the NTD.

The program began with a speech by Dr. S. Datta, a scientist “E” who properly considered the importance of National Technology Day. Next, Dr. IMUmlong, a senior scientist at DRLTezpur, explained the technique for removing fluoride from drinking water. In this speech, Dr. Amuron was awarded a certificate and medal on behalf of the Department of Defense’s R & D department and the President of DRDO.

Students from various universities were invited to the DRL Research Scholar Forum (DRSF) to be sensitive to the importance of DRDO and science and technology. The students were briefly introduced to the activities of DRDO and DRL by Dr. Vanlalhmuaka, a senior scientist in this laboratory.

To commemorate this opportunity, a contest was held among the participating students to share their opinions on the theme of this year’s National Technology Day, “Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future.” Some presentations were made by students who shared their novel ideas and ideas through their deliberations.

The program culminated in a very exciting and thought-provoking speech by Dr. DevVrat Kamboj, Director of DRL. He encouraged students to seek out scientific answers to problems they encounter in their daily lives. On this occasion, the winners were given prizes to encourage their scientific orientation.

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