Namsai Declaration' signed by Assam and Arunachal; People of the two states are emotionally one: CM

Assam and Arunachal signed the Namsai Declaration; The people of both states feel one another: CM

Namsai Declaration is the first step towards resolving in principle disputes over 37 of the 123 locations along borders between states. Regional committees representing both sides will evaluate the remaining 86 locations and then a final decision will be made based upon their reports.

Following bilateral meetings, Himanta Biswa Sarma, the Assam Chief minister, and Pema Kandu his counterpart from Arunachal Pradesh briefed journalists. Sarma, Assam Chief Minister said that although there may be physical boundaries, the people living in both states feel one another emotionally.

Pema Khandu, on the other side, stated that “we were initially united, and some minor border disputes occurred after we separated.” We can resolve these issues, I believe. The political will that was demonstrated today, which is weaker than the political leadership of both countries before it, has enabled us to make these decisions. Sarma also received his special appreciation for the “his initiative” in the matter.

Sarma stated that “We (Governments Of Assam & Arunachal Pradesh), went to the Supreme Court to find a solution for our border dispute. In the meantime, the Prime Minister and the Union Home Minister spoke to me and the Arunachal Pradesh CM in an effort to solve the problems through negotiations across the table. Both sides contributed their efforts and showed goodwill to make today an historic moment.

Sarma stated that the reports of Assam’s Deputy Commissioners revealed that 28 villages that the state claimed were actually within Arunachal Pradesh’s constitutional boundaries. Second, six additional villages are missing from the records held by officials in Assam. He stated that Assam had withdrawn its claim on the 34 villages. Sarma claimed, however, that Arunachal Pradesh’s Government had stated as early as 2010 that they had no claim on three of these disputed villages. These will, therefore, now be officially owned by Assam.

Sarma expressed hope that the dispute over the remaining 86 villages would be resolved amicably by September 15. The Namsai Declaration will be an example of the necessity to resolve disputes by means other than legal action, he stated.