NABARD organizes workshop on entrepreneurship development

NABARD organizes workshop on entrepreneurship development

Naveen Dahigra, CGM at NABARD Assam Regional Office, officially inaugurated the program attended by more than 50 social opinion makers and participants from diverse districts throughout the State.

Naveen Dahngra, CGM of NABARD addressed participants. He said the interface was the first of its kind, and that he wanted to encourage entrepreneurship, as it is the best model for long-term economic growth. NABARD’s initiatives in rural development and in entrepreneurial development were also mentioned. He called attention to the responsibilities of NABARD by drawing the participants’ attention towards the overall holistic development, which includes creating an environment conducive for the development of entrepreneurship.

A press release stated that resource persons were responsible for facilitating sessions on Entrepreneurship. These were based on the case studies of entrepreneurs who have succeeded in the State, and the facilities and enabling provisions of ASIDC, MSME, ASRLM, as well as NABARD.

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