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Myanmar citizens with a link to the Pactero group held in Haflong, Assam

According to a TOI report, the man was detained on Sunday from a train to Bhopal, and initial investigations revealed that he suspected a connection with a Pakistani terrorist group from a financial trading perspective.

The report further stated that a man identified as Noorul Amin boarded an Agartala-Rani Kamlapati special train from Badarpur Station in South Assam to Rani Kamlapati Station in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh on Sunday.

“When the train was about to arrive at New Haflon Station in the Dima Hasao district, two travel ticket examiners (TTEs) asked to check Noorle’s ticket and create proof of identity, so he showed. The document revealed that he was from Myanmar, but as TTE further presents some documents to prove whether he is legally traveling to India. When asked, the TOI said it was from a source on the Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR).

However, he was unable to show such a document, after which TTE contacted the RPF, and when the train arrived at Shemale Station, the RPF detained him.

After asking him for a while, the RPF handed him over to the Government Railroad Police (GRP) at New Hufflon Station.

So far, the first research has revealed that he has a relationship with Pakistan-based organizations in terms of financial transactions.