"My husband wasn't even aware that my brother killed him": Hyderabad woman

"My husband wasn’t even aware that my brother killed him": Hyderabad woman

Her husband died after being beaten on an iron road on the busy roads of Hyderabad, and although she begged for help, the crowd could not save him. Syed Ashrin Sulthana later told police that the murderer was her brother and his friend. She wants them to be tried.

The newly-married Sultana entered her husband B Nagaraju’s house for the first time after her death two days ago. She says she will live in his childhood home with his memories until the day she dies.

Hindu Nagaraju died shortly after an attack by his Muslim wife’s brother.

21-year-old Sultana is saddened by a framed photo of Nagaraju as Sir Krishna talking to Bibarud in horror on Wednesday evening.

“My husband and I were riding a bike. He slowed down a bit to cross the road. Suddenly two bikes came. I noticed my brother was riding one of them. They pushed my husband and fell down. They started beating. When I tried to save him with a stick, my brother’s friend pushed me. I asked for help, but people Taken a video, “she said.