Multiple Police Complaints Against Director Of

Multiple Police Complaints Against Director Of "Kaali" In Assam

Leena Mangalamkalai (director of documentary “Kaali”) has faced multiple charges in Assam. Her poster caused a lot of controversy. At least two Assam-based organisations said Leena Manimekalai hurt religious sentiments with the poster, police sources have added.

Police sources said that the Hindu Suraksha Manch and the United Trust of Assam jointly filed a Guwahati police complaint, requesting immediate action against filmmakers for “hurting religious sentiments”.

Kumtumb Surakhsa Mancha lodged another complaint on June 5 at Geetanagar Police Station.

According to the complainants, the poster depicts Goddess Kali at a level “unacceptable for any Hindu”, and it is a “deliberate distortion and cultural attack on the Hindu religion and culture with malign intent to inflict Hindu religious feelings.”

The Uttar Pradesh police also filed another case against her in Lucknow. Her case has been also brought before the Delhi police.

Madurai-born director, Madurai, posted the poster to social media. The image shows a woman in costume as the goddess, smoking a cigarette, and wearing the film’s poster. The background features a flag from the LGBT community.