MS Dhoni Gets 40-Rupee Ayurvedic Treatment For Knee Problem, Says Report

MS Dhoni received 40 rupees of Ayurvedic treatment for knee problems, the report said.

Former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni consults with an Ayurvedic doctor to resolve knee problems. Doctors report that fetal cricket players will be charged a total of 40 rupees.
Explosive batters have been fighting knee pain for months and have been exploring different options.

Ayurvedic doctor Vandan Sinkelber, who lives in the dense woodlands of Lapang, about 70 kilometers from Rancho, is overseeing the recovery of cricket players, the Dynic Basker report said.

Cricketer decided to treat his knees at lunch hermitage after good results from his parents’ treatment.

According to doctors, Mahendra Sindoni told him he was suffering from knee pain due to calcium deficiency.

“I will charge him 20 rupees for a medical examination and prescribe a drug worth 20 rupees,” Vandan Singh Khervar told Bibarud.