Over 42 Lakh Deaths Prevented In India By Covid Vaccines In 2021: Report

More than Rs 420,000 deaths prevented in India by Covid vaccine in 2021: Report

The COVID-19 vaccine prevented a potential death of more than Rs 420,000 in India in 2021.

Globally, mathematical modeling studies have shown that the COVID-19 vaccine reduces the number of potential deaths during a pandemic by about 20 million, or more than half, in the first year after its implementation.

In the first year of the vaccination program, researchers estimated that 19.8 million of the potential 31.4 million COVID-19 deaths were prevented worldwide, according to estimates based on excess deaths from 185 countries and territories. Said.

In this study, an additional 5,99,300 lives could have been saved if the World Health Organization’s goal of inoculating 40% of each country’s population more than once by the end of 2021 was met. I presume.

This study estimated the number of deaths prevented between December 8, 2020 and December 8, 2021. This reflects the first year the vaccine was distributed.