Monkeypox Has Been A "Wake-Up Call", Says WHO Chief Scientist

Monkeypox Has Been A "Wake-Up Call", Says WHO Chief Scientist

Soumya Swminathan, chief scientist at the World Health Organisation said that Monkeypox’s outbreak was a “wake up call”. In an exclusive interview with Bibarud she stated that the smallpox vaccination programs have been stopped from 1979-1980. It could have contributed to the virus’s rise to the top.  

She said that the Monkeypox epidemic was a wakeup call and reminded people to be prepared for any future outbreaks.  

Monkeypox, which is caused by the Orthopoxvirus family member, causes it. The clinical manifestation of Monkeypox is similar to smallpox. This orthopoxvirus-related infection was eradicated from the world in 1980.

Website of the World Health Organisation states that the vaccines administered during the smallpox program also protect against monkeypox. Newer vaccines are being developed. One of them has been approved to prevent monkeypox.

Swaminathan said that although the monkeypox vaccine may work, more data from laboratories is needed.