Money allegedly collected from flood victims for the distribution of relief supplies

Money allegedly collected from flood victims for the distribution of relief supplies


Nagaon: Flood conditions in the Nagaon area are still the same, with 5.9 Rakı people in about 331 revenue villages in Kampur, Nagaon, Raha, Din, Samaguri and Rupahi still until they submit this report. I’m involved in a flood. Added.

In addition, taking advantage of the advantage of distributing flood relief supplies, including rice, dal and other necessities, to flood victims throughout the district, some people working on the distribution system, including the village mayor, have Rs in the name of distribution. It is said to have collected 20 to Rs30.Necessities from each of these beneficiaries in flood-damaged areas, especially Purguri Mogal in the Kanpur and Raha areas.

Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Salma secured sufficient food and sanitation facilities for the people who were hit by the flood, but at that time, the people who were affected by the flood and those who were involved in the distribution system of flood relief supplies made money. There was a wide range of responses by collecting. In everything in the district.

Many victims and other flood-stricken people responded keenly to such misconduct caused by some agents engaged in relief supplies distribution systems, and food and food in Bahakabari and Garkanda villages. The distributor, who allegedly distributed other necessities, claimed to have distributed 1 kg. Among the flooded families in the village, there was rice, 200 gm dal, 200 ml of mustard oil per head, which received 30 rupees from each family.

Similarly, the village head of the Phulguri Mohgarh area, not far from the residence of Raha MLA Sashi Kanta Das, received 20 rupees from all flooded families in exchange for a flood relief packet containing 1 kg of rice and 200 gm dal. It is said that it was. , 200 ml mustard oil and 200 g salt.