Minor drowns in the Brahmaputra River at Poolbagan area in Dibrugarh

Minor drowns at Poolbagan in Dibrugarh’s Brahmaputra river

DIBRUGARH – A minor of 10 years drowned Friday in the Brahmaputra at Poolbagan, Dibrugarh. Kanai Basfor (resident of Santipara Ward no 12), has been identified as the minor. Kanai Basfor and five other children took a dip in the Brahmaputra river near Poolbagan. According to a local resident, all six fell into the river. Five of the children were later saved but Kanai was drowned.

Reports claim that Kanai Basfor was joined by Gulu Basfor (Karan Basfor), Krishna Basfor at Poolbagan, Samir Basfor, Samir Basfor and Rohan Basfor on Friday to go for batting in Brahmaputra. Biswajit, Dibrugarh’s Deputy Commissioner said that one minor died in the River Brahmaputra while going for a bath with five other children. The river has seen rescue operations by the SDRF.

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