Minister of Education Ranoj Pegu announces appointment of teacher

Minister of Education Ranoj Pegu announces appointment of teacher

Shibusagar: The government-built tea plantation school has an unprecedented number of students, and each school has eight teachers. This was stated by the Minister of Education, Dr. Ranoipeg, on Thursday when opening the Tea Garden Adashvidialaya in Amgri, Shibasagar district.

“For a long time, tea plantation workers were deprived of membership fees. Only the company was blamed for development, education and health issues. Political parties used it as a voting bank only during the elections,” Peg said. rice field. .. Mr. Peg further said that the current government has opened 96 out of 119 schools in the first phase to expand tea plantation education.

“The council is a self-governing body with a chairman and is not directly involved. We need to report on this,” he said, responding to the media about the first year’s higher exams and the future of all students.

On the issue of the High Court, which recently banned the appointment of Gracemark recipients who passed the TET, Mr. Peg immediately petitioned the High Court for teachers of Gracemark recipients who are currently performing their duties. He said he would submit a letter.

The Minister asked about the results of the Higher Secondary Final Exam and reiterated that it is the responsibility of the Council and SEBA to make decisions in this regard.

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