Meghalaya BJP Leader

Meghalaya BJP Leader's Resort Raided, Cops Call It "Brothel". 73 People Arrested

The BJP is in serious trouble as Meghalaya police are searching for Bernard N Marak, alias Rimpu. A case of “immoral traficking” was filed against him in Tura West Garo Hill. However, the BJP leader claimed he was not in hiding and that he has cooperated with police investigations. Conrad Sangma also accused him of targeting him, claiming that the chief minister had “asked police to link yesterday’s raid with a POCSO investigation in February”. He claimed that Mr Sangma has lost ground in politics and wants to have him arrested for political reasons.

The Meghalaya unit is still quiet and has not made any formal statements. 

The case was filed following raids at a resort owned by Bernard N Marak on the intervening night of Friday and today where six children were found “locked inside dingy cabin-like unhygienic rooms”. Meghalaya Police claimed there was a ‘brothel operating from the resort’ and that the BJP leader is evading capture. So far, 73 suspects have been detained in this case. All have been presented in court.

All the children had lost their ability to communicate and were shocked. Police said that Bernard N Marak, alias Rimpu, and his associates were using Rimpu Bagan’s materials as well as Rimpu’s design for prostitution.

Marak denies any wrongdoing and says the raid took place without a warrant under Chief Minister Conrad Sangma. He said that all of the state machinery was abused by the CM.

“None were involved in indecent activity.” He said that the police had harassed minor students I sponsored to study, and suggested they were involved in sexual activities.

The Chief Minister cannot call a matured individual a prostitute who is partying. No homestay or brothel can be called a “brotherly”. Chief Minister has made things very personal by allowing police to frame human trafficking/prostitution over his own voters,” he added.