Meet with stakeholders on child rights held in Kokrajhar

Meeting with key stakeholders about child rights in Kokrajhar

KOKRAJHAR: Tuesday, Priyank Kanoongo (chairperson of National Commission for Protection of Child Rights – NCPCR), presided over a meeting about child rights that was organized by Kokrajhar District Administration at the Conference Hall of the Deputy Commissioner in Kokrajhar.

Kokrajhar’s Deputy Commissioner Varnali Devi Deka, addressed the House. She thanked Varnali and thanked him to hold a consultation meeting on important and crucial issues within the district.

Through a presentation, the District Children Protection Officer told the House about various measures they have taken to deal with issues such as early marriage and trafficking.

Kanoongo, the Chairperson of the NCPCR, spoke at the meeting and provided details about the provisions available to protect child rights. He also discussed POCSO, the obstacles to implementation and assistance for victims. Kanoongo also shared his views with members of the meeting on child trafficking and child rights.

Assam State Commission for Protection of Child Rights Chairperson Dr. Sunita Chankakati was present as well as additional Deputy commissioners and heads of the relevant departments.

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