"Media Running Kangaroo Courts": Chief Justice's Strong Remarks

"Media Running Kangaroo Courts": Chief Justice's Strong Remarks

Kangaroo courts in TV debates and on social media are driving the country backwards according to Chief Justice of India NV RAMana on Saturday. He criticized their behavior as “biased”, ill-informed and agenda-driven.

After the backlash against a verdict this month regarding former BJP spokesperson Nupur Singh’s remarks on Prophet Muhammad which, according to the Supreme Court, had sparked communal tension throughout the country, these comments are of great importance.

There are coordinated social media campaigns that target judges. Judges might not immediately react. It is not weakness or helplessness, Justice Ramana stated. He was addressing an audience at Ranchi’s academic event.

The Chief Justice stated that “new media tools possess enormous amplifying power but seem to be incapable of distinguishing the right from the wrong, good from the poor and real or fake.”

“Media trials can’t be used to decide cases. “We see the media operating kangaroo court, sometimes on matters even experienced judges find hard to decide,” he stated.