MCLA visits flood relief camp in Tamurupur district

MCLA visits flood relief camp in Tamurupur district

TAMULPUR: Floods have disrupted the lives of people in the Tamulpur area. The rising waters of the Pagaradia, Balnadi, Balti, Baralia and Matanga rivers from Bhutan’s hills have submerged vast areas of the district.

Some homes and property were washed away while some tax collection villages such as Hakata, Barabari, Chapatal, Sarikanda, Barbira, Dakin Gandhi Bali, Utta Gandhi Bali, Nizda Ferri and Donggar Gaon were submerged. The administration of the Tamarpur district has set up many flood shelter camps in various locations to accommodate people affected by the flood. The district administration provides adequate food and drinking water for flood victims and health care.

Meanwhile, MCLA, a member of BTR’s 26th Darangajuri, visited Hakata’s flood relief camp, Barabari Milano ME School, Barabari Elementary School, etc. to investigate the situation of flood victims. He interacted with the prisoners and asked them to contact him directly if they faced any difficulties.

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