The Center defends the Sedition Act and says the Supreme Court's binding past judgments

Massive rise in government in the Supreme Court on the Sedition Act

Two days after defending the country’s colonial sedition law and calling on the Supreme Court to dismiss the petition to disagree with it, the government decided on Monday to review and reconsider the provisions of the law. I said, face to face.

In a new affidavit filed with the Supreme Court, the Center said: Section 124A, of the Sedition Act. “

The government has urged the Supreme Court to wait for a review before deciding the case based on the clutch of petitions filed by the editorial guild of India and others.

Concerned about the widespread misuse of the Sedition Act against central and state government critics, why the Supreme Court in July last year did not abolish the provisions Britain used to silence people like Mahatma. Asked the union government. Gandhi.

On Saturday, the Center upheld the 1962 verdict of the Sedition Act and the Constitutional Bench in support of its effectiveness, and they have endured the “trial of time” for about 60 years, and cases of its abuse reconsider it. He said he would never justify that.