Marvel Announces Two New Avengers Movies, Reveals Phase 4 And 5 Plans

Marvel Announces Two New Avengers Movies and Reveals Phase 5 And 4 Plans

Disney revealed a slew Marvel movie superheroes, including two brand new “Avengers”, Saturday at Comic-Con. The announcement also offered screaming fans an intimate first glimpse of its upcoming sequel “Black Panther”.

Recent years have seen the record-breaking Marvel movies dominate Hollywood and international box offices, with “Avengers: Endgame” temporarily becoming the highest-grossing film ever at $2.79 Billion.

“I wonder if the guys won’t mind looking ahead slightly?” Kevin Feige, studio president, asked the cheering crowd of superhero-loving fans to look ahead towards the end of an hour-plus-long presentation at the San Diego Convention Center.

He announced that the films “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and” “Avengers: Secret Wars”, will arrive in cinemas in 2025.