Many Indigo Flights Delayed After Mass Sick Leave By Crew: Report

Many IndiGo flights have been delayed and aviation regulators are seeking clarification: Report

The operations of IndiGo airlines were affected nationwide, and some flights faced delays due to the lack of crew availability. Only 45% of IndiGo’s flights were able to fly on time on Saturday, as shown by Union Aviation Ministry data.

According to the Indian Pretrust, a significant number of crew members took sick leave and participated in Air India recruitment activities. “Phase 2 of Air India’s recruitment campaign took place on Saturday, with the majority of IndiGo’s cabin crew members taking sick leave attending,” an industry insider told the news agency.

The aviation regulator, the Director of Civil Aviation or DGCA, has asked the airlines to explain the significant delays.

“The director of civil aviation has a strong awareness of IndiGo and asked for an explanation / explanation behind the significant flight delays nationwide,” a DGCA official told news agency ANI.