Mangalamoy Patrika, a monthly magazine published by Lakhimpur, completes eight years

Mangalamoy Patrika, a monthly magazine published by Lakhimpur, completes eight years

LAKHIMPUR: Mangalmoy Patrika, a unique journal published regularly by Lakhimpur, has completed its illustrious eight years and entered its ninth year on Saturday. The monthly magazine is regularly published by Lakinpool’s social institution, Mangalbodh Jagaran Kendra, and has been committed to improving humanity, nature, language, culture, education and health since its inception.

To celebrate the eight-year completion, Mangalbodh Jagaran Kendra hosted a ritual program entitled “Jatra, Balta, Samair Babi Shut” at the Journal’s office in Nakali, North Lakinpool Town. At the same time, the institution organized the Shradanjari Program in honor of the prominent writer from Rakinpur, Swarna Dekiar Phukan.

The event was chaired by Niran Kumar Borah, a former deputy secretary of Axam Xahitya Xabha. It started with the lighting of an earthen lamp by the writer Nripen Phukan. Jiten Baruah, Editor-in-Chief of Mangalamoy Patrika and Director of Mangalbodh Jagaran Kendra, explained the purpose of the program and gave a welcome remark. In this connection, he described the obstacles the journal had to overcome during its eight-year long journey. At the same event, the Ambed Car Fellowship Award-winning author Prasanta Kumarnas released the 12th issue of Mangal Moi Patrika’s 8th year. Professor Narayan Balua, writer, poet and journalist Ranjit Kakati, poet Ganesh Buyan, Dayananda Goswami, Bagaraki Deca, and Dipac Boldroy, who attended the event and retired, are optimistic about the future outlook for the journal. He gave a lecture in honor of the late Swarna Deki. ..

In particular, Mangalmoy Patrika has created a section for serious readers and talented writers over the last eight years. The journal is now circulated in almost every district of the state.

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