Man kills brother over property dispute in Udalguri district

One man kills his brother because of property disputes in Udalguri

TANGLA – A bitter family land dispute ended in a terrible incident that took the life of a Bhutuniduba village resident in Udalguri on Friday morning. Asgar Ali (52) died after Akbar Ali killed him over an ongoing property dispute.

Udalguri Police arrested Akbar Ali and Hamida Begum, in connection to this incident. According to local residents, Akbar Ali and Hamida Khatun as well as his son Abdus Salam have been accused of the murder. Police said that there had been a dispute for years between brothers regarding the property. Akbar Ali, the prime suspect in this case has admitted to it. After arriving at the house of his brother, he had a fight with him. He tied his hands and beat him with bricks and stick, killing him instantly. Following being informed of the death, Shapmari Police Station under Udalguri Police Station ran to Shapmari to arrest the suspect and send the body to Udalguri Civil Hospital. On Friday night, the body was turned over to the family. Udalguri Police has registered an incident vide Udalguri PS Case no. They are currently investigating the matter.

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