Watch: PM Unveils National Emblem On Roof Of New Parliament Building

Replica of the Lion Capital, 9,500-Kg Made by Makers

In an exclusive interview, the artists who created the bronze emblem that will be placed atop the new Parliament could explain the controversy surrounding the large national emblem. They also said that the increased size of the parliament is changing the way people see the world, which brings out every little detail.

Strong criticism has focused on the 9500 kg of bronze that will be mounted at the top of the new Parliament in the heart of Delhi.

It has been called a menacing version of the graceful Ashokan Lion capital by some opposition leaders, who have completely misrepresented its message for peace.

Many people have demanded it be taken down, giving the distortion a political twist. Some have demanded legal action to correct the distortion.

Sunil Deore was the project’s lead sculptor. Although he acknowledged that some minor modifications may have been made due to damage to the original, Sunil Deore said “The maximum 99 percent is according the Ashokan symbol.”