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Maharashtra’s Political Crisis Live Update: Senna MLA Shifted from Gujarat to Assam

Shiv Sena MLA, who rebelled against the party threatening the Maharashtra government, will be taken to Assam and will arrive in Guwahati early Wednesday, sources said.

In the political turmoil of his state, Prime Minister Uddhav Thacke met several Maharashtra leaders at a series of meetings. In a meeting with Shiv Sena’s leader, he said he was confident that rebel minister Enato Sinde would soon return to the party.

Uddhav Thacke’s aide met with Enato Sinde. During a meeting that lasted nearly two hours, Eknath Shinde spoke to Thackeray on the phone, sources said. Senior leaders demanded the state’s Shiv Sena Alliance government during a 10-minute call, they said.

Maharashtra’s cabinet minister and Shiv Sena’s influential person, Enato Sinde, rebelled against the party and landed with several Senna MLAs at the BJP-controlled Slat Hotel in Gujarat, putting the state’s ruling alliance into a political crisis. I did. Mark the stability of MVA dispensing two and a half years ago.

The Uddhav Thacke-led party swiftly opposed Cinde, 58, an MLA in the Sain district, and dismissed him as the party’s group leader in the Maharashtra parliament.