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“Madrasa should no longer exist and the Quran should be taught only at home”: Assam CM Himanta Biswa

He spoke at an event held to commemorate the 75th anniversary of “Panchanya”, arguing that children could not think of becoming a doctor or engineer until the word “madrassa” existed.

“As long as this word (madrassa) is there, children can’t think of becoming a doctor or engineer. Telling them that studying in madrassa won’t make them a doctor or engineer, they will be themselves. I refuse to go with, “he added.

“You teach the Quran to the children, but you are at home. By putting them in the madrassa, you violate their human rights,” he swore.

“Schools should have general education,” he added, adding that the focus should be on science, mathematics, biology, botany, and zoology.

“Religious texts can be taught at home, but at school children need to study to become doctors, engineers, professors, and scientists,” he added.

Then, while answering the question that madrassa students are very talented, they can easily memorize all the words of the Quran, Salma said. India. So, if a Muslim child is very successful, I partially trust his Hindu past. “