Assam Court Asks Police To Register Case Against Himanta Sarma For

Logistic fingerprint of Team Himanta at Hotel Housing Senna MLA

Those who are directly aware of the issue say that the BJP’s supreme leader chose Assam’s Himantabiswasalma from the party’s arsenal among all the other prime ministers and oversaw the rebellion against party leader Udafturkley by the Shivsener MLA. I told Bibarud.

These Sena Rebel MLAs, led by another MLA, Eknath Shinde, camp at a five-star hotel on the outskirts of Guwahati, Assam’s main city.

Many Assam BJP leaders close to Mr. Salma oversee the latest “Operation Lotus,” which is a BJP election symbol that often appears during the crisis of controversial rival state governments. BJP leaders and ministers are not part of the internal rebels’ internal meetings. Senna MLA, sources said.

A young MP known to be near Mr. Salma is Pointman, and at least three Assam BJP ministers are closely overseeing the logistical support issue at the Guwahati Hotel, sources said.

Salma, who won the title of “Northeast Election Strategist” for leading the BJP to victory in Assam in 2016 and 2021, came to Delhi to nominate Draupadi Murmu for the presidential election as a candidate for the BJP. , Was supposed to leave. For tonight’s Guwahati.

However, he said he was asked to stay in Delhi today to discuss the development of the Maharashtra rebellion with the Supreme Leader, and to return to Guwahati tomorrow, sources not to be identified.