Prophet Row: Curfew In 4 Assam Districts, Ban On Rallies

Line of Prophets: Curfew, Curfew in Assam’s Four Districts

Following the controversial remarks by the suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma and the exiled BJP leader Naveen Kumar Jindal on the Prophet Muhammad, in light of the general situation and protests in various parts of the country, Assam The district administration of the four districts has clamped Section 144 Criminal Code Procedures to ban all kinds of queues, rallies and demonstrations (CrPC).

Concerned about the infringement of public peace and tranquility, the district administration of the province’s Cachar, Karimganj, Hailakandi and Bongaigaon districts issued a separate order to clamp Section 144CrPC banning all kinds of processions, rallies and demonstrations in the district. I put it out.

In an order issued by Pankaj Chamua, an additional district security judge in the Bongai Gaon district on Sunday said: Behar, Kolkata, Jammu, Kashmir, Kanpur and Prayagraj may not be able to rule out such incidents in the area. “

Meanwhile, Dipak Jidung, who clamps Section 144 CrPC of the district, issued by the Deputy Director of the District Administration (ADC), said: Jidung ACS, Addl. District Magistrate, Cachar, thereby promulgates a ban on the gathering of five or more people anywhere in the Cachar district. “

He further stated that no one should carry weapons, weapons, explosives, lathes or anything else that could cause injury, except by the armed forces, paramilitary forces, and police on duty.

“No individual or organization may hold a procession or rally upset protest or hold a public meeting without special permission from the district justice of the peace and additional district security judges,” he said. ..