Leaving On A Jet Plane - Camp Shinde Finally Exits Assam

Leaving the Sorrowful Jet-Camp Sind finally leaves Assam

Suitcases were quickly packed, unpacked and repacked at the Gwahati Hotel today, when Shiv Sena’s 40 MLAs set up a base camp in an attempt to expel Uddhav Thacke as Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

MLA boarded the bus at 10am and headed for the famous Kamakka Temple. They were then supposed to fly to Goa-on another 5 star reserved for them-but suddenly a late checkout was added to the itinerary. They finally departed for Gore on a charter plane at 5 pm.

“We wait for a verdict,” Deepak Kesarkar, one of the MLAs, told Bibarud before the group took off from Assam. He mentioned a hearing scheduled at 5 pm in the Supreme Court. What happens next in the Maharashtra political crisis depends on it.

Team Thackeray (a stunt to about 15 MLAs, including four ministers) has called on the Supreme Court to dismiss any move requiring the Maharashtra State Assembly to prove his majority. These moves began last night with the BJP congregation led by Devendra Fadnabis, who wants to return as Prime Minister of Maharashtra. The BJP team visited Governor Bagat Singh Kosiyari and urged him to take an urgent floor test as Mr. Thackeray’s support was significantly below safety standards.

It is true that there are 39 rebels in Senna. They are led by Mr. Thackeray’s government and senior minister of the party, Enato Cinde, until the rebellion began. If the rebels remain united and pool with the BJP, they can overthrow the current government with a small number of independents.