Langia University launches collaboration project with SITA

Langia University launches collaboration project with SITA

The first installment payment is Rs 70,000, which is equivalent to 40 percent of the total project funding for the year. In his speech at the rally, Vice President Ramen Deca hopes that through the project, people will learn about the usefulness of herbs and the general public who will set up herbal gardens for income generation and research.

The program was attended by Bhabendra Nath Deka, President of the University of Langia Board of Directors, Dr. Sanjay Kumar Talukdar, a member of SITA, Sri GG Das, Advisor (F & A) SITA, Taranga Kumar Bhattacharjee, RA and others. ..

With the logistical support of SITA, Langia University has implemented the project “Cultivation of medicinal plants outside the habitat and conservation of rare and endangered plants-establishment of herb gardens”, and the income of the general public by establishing herb gardens. We aim to create it. , Encourage farmers and researchers with patent rights, accelerate the R & D department by involving various R & D institutions on related subjects, and establish a herbal garden on the university campus. According to the press release, it should be mentioned that MoA was signed on the last May 5th between SITA and Langia University to undertake this project.

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