Manipur Landslide: 8 People From Assam Including Army Personnel Killed

Landslide in Manipur: Eight people (including military personnel) from Assam were killed

At least eight people, including one army Jawan, were killed in a massive landslide at the construction site of the Tapal Railroad Yard in the Nony district of Assam, according to Assam’s Cabinet Minister Pijush Hazarika.

The minister said the seven who died in the landslide were part of the construction company’s staff and the other was military Javanese.

Hazarica arrived in Noney, Manipur, to oversee rescue operations. He said the other 12 from Assam, including the railroad technician, are still missing. The state cabinet minister met an injured person being treated at a local hospital.

The death toll in a tragic incident at the Tapalyard Railroad Construction Camp in Manipur increased to 25 on Wednesday night, but 38 are still missing.

Hazarika, who arrived in Tuple on Saturday, said search and rescue operations were still underway.

“One railroad engineer and 11 other construction company workers are still missing. Five have been rescued, two of whom are currently in the hospital,” he said.