Lakhimpur Cancer Center begins functioning, 8 patients on day 1

Lakhimpur Cancer Center begins functioning, 8 patients on day 1

LAKHIMPUR: The Lakhimpur Cancer Center began functioning on Friday by providing healthcare services. On Friday, three cancer patients, one from the district’s Narayanpur area and two from the North Rakinpurtown area, reported a cancer center in front of director Dr. Sudhanshu Sekhar Ghosh to receive day care treatment. These patients were being treated at other cancer hospitals, a press statement released by Mandira Chayengia, a spokesman for the Lakinpur district, said. Optimistically, Gauche said the Lakinpur Cancer Center is powerful enough to provide quality service to patients.

Meanwhile, Sanjib Kumar, team manager for the outreach team, said the team had a series of public awareness programs on cancer in different parts of the district. “Early detection of cancer can save lives, so if the symptoms of cancer become apparent, no one should hesitate to go to a doctor or hospital,” Sanjib Kumar added. I did.

In particular, a total of 3 doctors, 1 biomedical engineer, 1 dentist, 1 radiation safety officer, 17 nurses, 2 laboratory technicians, 4 outreach teams, 3 people Radiation therapists, 2 CSSD technicians, 2 insurance counselors, 1 IT consultant, 5 radiation therapists and 1 OT technician will serve cancer patients in the facility.

Diagnosis and treatment of cancer centers for LAB and FNAC, minor OT, bronchoscopy, Ultasound, X-ray, CSSD, CT, MRI, LINAC machines, short-range therapy, IPD, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, day care centers, palliative care centers In addition to the facility’s 24-hour free ambulance service and 24-hour remote care, remote help via the National Integrated Grid began on Friday. A total of eight patients were reported to the Cancer Center OPD on the first day, according to the information received at the time of submission of this report.

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