The Jinx Of The Laddoos? Devendra Fadnavis, 24 Hours Later

Laddu jinx?Devendra Fado Navis, 24 hours later

Immediately after Uddhav Thacke resigned as Prime Minister, Devendra Fadnabis was photographed of Laddu popping out. The review is sweet. Since Mr. Thackeray replaced the Prime Minister in 2019, his rivals from the BJP have most certainly worked to get him out. So last night, with all the smiles surrounded by party workers, the celebration was quiet.

Laddu may have jinxed it. What continued today was not the effort of Mr. Fadnabis. At 12:00 pm, BJP core leaders gathered at Mr. Fadnabis’s house, and CT Ravi, the BJP’s secretary-general in charge of Maharashtra, said the new Prime Minister of Maharashtra was Shiv Sena’s leader, Enato Cinde. I did. He stripped most of his party’s MLA from Mr. Thackeray, causing a full-blown crisis. Mr. Thackeray has reached a limit within his own party, but has resigned prior to his vote for government-he will not survive.

The BJP’s message to Mr. Fadnabis shattered his ambition to lead Maharashtra for the third time. But there was more. The party wanted him to serve as Deputy Prime Minister. Given his previous position and his oversized role in counseling, a sudden comedown enables and enforces Mr. Cinde’s rebellion. He wasn’t the only one who expected the best job. The media reported in the morning that Mr. Fadnabis had taken office as prime minister and Mr. Cinde had sworn to become deputy minister.

According to sources, the BJP had many reasons why Mr. Fadnabis wanted and wasn’t rewarded. By choosing Mr. Cinde as head of government, the party can argue that Mr. Thackeray’s dismissal was not completely selfish. Cinde, in turn, gains legitimacy as he promotes his delegation to be recognized as Shiv Sena. The status of the Thackeray family when Senna’s bids and control were significantly reduced. And Senna executives who respect Mr. Thackeray’s father, Bar Tuckerai, may be motivated to transfer their loyalty to Mr. Cinde. The formidable enemy of Shiv Sena could be replaced today by a chief who has publicly acknowledged his debt to the BJP.

Mr. Fadnabis’s treatment also serves as a proof of concept for important BJP practices. In other words, place a leader who is considered to be beyond the briefs. Mr. Fadnavis’s fairly public profile, his obvious assumption that the work belongs to him, the image of Ladu’s celebration-all of which could have hurt his purpose.